Extend the value of your services by partnering with Shadowbox

Drive market penetration, upsells, customer satisfaction, and revenue by adding Shadowbox technology to your product and service offering.

Partnerships drive value for customers while increasing sales and profitability

Whether you are a telemedicine company, a laboratory information system software provider, a behavioral health center, or any healthcare ancillary service provider or vendor, connecting various healthcare systems like electronic health records (EHR’s) remains a constant challenge.

A partnership with Shadowbox extends the reach of your current service by enabling a "best in class" and unique "time of order" technology to dramatically improve your company's ability to effectively reach your clients and provide them with the most efficient workflow while reducing the occurrence and costs of down-stream manual tasks.

To book a demo of Shadowbox or to get more information, call 1-323-596-0999 or fill out the form and our team will be in contact with you.

Our relationship with Shadowbox has been seamless and effective in driving value for both companies. They are incredibly responsive and always follow through on their commitments. Together we both better serve our customers.

Dean, Wave HDC

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