Shadowbox benefits every
healthcare stakeholder

Quick connections, accurate data transfers, and lower costs mean more focus on patient care.


Eliminate paper forms

Shadowbox can automate electronic data transfer, whether you are using paper forms (we convert them to digital), an ordering portal, or something in between. Our platform takes a 10-minute paper ordering process down to just seconds.


Increase sales

Shadowbox replaces a traditional EHR integration by providing a platform that offers connections to a full library of EHRs, white-labeled with your own branding and ready for set-up with your customers on the fly. Instead of waiting months to onboard a customer, you can set them up in just minutes. Our platform enables insurance verification and prior authorization at the time your customers order so that you never have to chase down insurance or patient data to collect on a claim.


Improve productivity

Shadowbox can automate rote tasks, greatly reducing the time it takes to process orders, results and collect on insurance claims. Our platform greatly reduces EHR “click fatigue.”  Your team can focus their time on patient care instead of administration.


One connection

Shadowbox connects multiple healthcare applications in one secure place.

Computer screen with reducing fees

Reduce or eliminate IT costs on integrations

Shadowbox can integrate without API’s alleviating dependency on your internal IT department or an outsourced integration partner.

Clock in motion.

Interface faster

Using Shadowbox, an ancillary service provider can interface with a clinic in mere minutes, instead of months. A clinic can process their first order in a matter of minutes, automating orders, results, PDMP checks, insurance verification, and prior authorization, greatly reducing administrative burden and onboarding friction.


Reduce spending

Shadowbox can be connected with your systems in just a few weeks, providing instant connections to a full library of EHRs. Our setup fees are “one and done” allowing our customers to activate their customers at ZERO additional cost. Shadowbox end users can access all their usual applications inside our secure, HIPAA compliant, “browser-like” platform, resulting in little need for new training.


Enhance security

Shadowbox adds an extra layer of authentication to ensure compliance and security.  Using Shadowbox, you can disable web surfing to any non-HIPAA-compliant websites, reducing vulnerability and risk of a data breach. Shadowbox transfers data through an encrypted exchange to ensure data is protected and private.


Improve accuracy

Shadowbox pulls data directly from the EHR, eliminating the risk of keystroke errors, typos, and/or omissions.

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