Better care through connections

Access patient information no matter where it resides, securely, in real-time.

Instantly connect multiple healthcare applications and securely share information

Shadowbox works just like a browser.  A user can open the software applications they use every day, such as a practice management system or an electronic health record (“EHR”), and activate them simultaneously, moving data from one application to another seamlessly in real-time. Our technology is built on a secure, encrypted, HIPAA compliant web productivity platform.

Shadowbox can connect numerous applications commonly used by ancillary service providers such as lab ordering systems, government registries and databases, insurance verification, and other applications, and automate the workflow across them.

Ancillary healthcare service providers

Molecular | Blood | Genetic | Toxicology Diagnostic Labs | Addiction & Treatment Providers | Behavioral Health Providers | Durable Medical Equipment Vendors | Radiology | Hospice Facilities & Organizations | Telehealth Solutions | Home Health Care Providers

Software Vendors

Lab information systems | Revenue cycle management | Practice management | Prescription management | Electronic health records

Ancillary healthcare services

Shadowbox improves the bottom line while enhancing patient care

If the data is in the patient’s chart, Shadowbox can get it for you.

  • Fast customer onboarding and same-day interfacing

  • Orders in the door in days not months

  • Verify insurance and initiate prior authorizations at the time of order increases

  • Revenue as clean claims get paid, not denied

  • Easy orders and results improve staff morale and drive customer loyalty

  • Enhanced security and compliance reduces risk

  • Less dependence on IT

  • Lowers Cost burden and improves your time to market

Healthcare IT Software Vendors

Give your customers the power of
instant automation

Embed Shadowbox into your platform to enable your customers to instantly integrate their last mile.

  • Shadowbox enables your customers to integrate your software with a variety of software applications without the need for APIs, lengthy integration cycles, or costly customization.

  • There is no need for vendor-to-vendor contracts, no long waits for system integrators or your customers’ IT department, and no more low-margin services creating drag on your business.

  • Enable your customer to build their own last-mile integration and automation processes without having to rely on heavy code or complex API connections.


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