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Shadowbox is a smart, HIPAA-compliant automation platform built for healthcare.

Now you can instantly connect multiple applications to securely share patient information and automate your healthcare workflow.


Increase revenue

Ensure complete, clean insurance claims to reduce payer denials.

Interface with your customers in minutes instead of months; order in just seconds.


Reduce spending

Eliminate added EHR and LIS integration fees.

Put an end to manual effort and duplicative data entry.

Integrate with many EHR's at once.


Improve accuracy

Drastically reduce missing patient information.

Do away with keystroke errors.


Enhance security

Ensure HIPAA compliance.

Transfer data securely without API vulnerabilities.


Improve productivity

Automate data entry.

Eliminate paper forms and faxing.

Streamline orders and results.

Collect complete information at the time of order.

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With Shadowbox, we are well on the way to eliminating paper orders. The best part is that every time we convert a practice from paper to Shadowbox, we reduce claims with missing billing information by more than 90%. As a result, Birdrock is realizing a 10x return on our investment every month.”

– Seth Maheu, Co-founder & CEO, Birdrock Laboratories

When industry experts speak

Industry leaders, Clinicians, IT executives, and front-line staff all choose Shadowbox to improve care, reduce costs, and increase profitability in a high compliance and security industry where lives are on the line. We return their faith by constantly innovating and expanding our suite of services and capabilities.

It has been a great help, especially during high-volume days with the pandemic, and it was quick and easy to install and learn.

Office Manager, large urgent care facility

It is VERY fast and easy to place an order; less than 30 seconds compared to many minutes with the old system. It would be extremely inefficient if we had to return to the old ordering method.

Medical Assistant, large urgent care facility

Shadowbox tech is an elegant solution that allows us to transition clinicians from paper to electronic ordering. They did so without taxing our internal resources.

Sam Sgambati
Urology Myriad Genetics

We considered switching lab providers at one point, but then we found out the new lab didn’t offer Shadowbox. That was the end of that discussion.

Jonathan A.
An executive at a multi-location intensive outpatient treatment facility

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