Myndshft and Shadowbox Join Forces to Automate Prior Authorization Integrations and Streamline Healthcare Operations

August 15, 2023  |  Shadowbox   | 


The collaboration empowers healthcare providers to accelerate prior authorization workflow, improving operational efficiency while enabling faster access to care.

Mesa, AZ, August 15, 2023Myndshft Technologies, a leading provider of end-to-end automated prior authorization Software as a Service (SaaS) today announced an agreement with Shadowbox, an instant healthcare automation platform that connects multiple web applications and enables seamless, comprehensive data sharing across data silos that often exist between clinics and ancillary service providers like diagnostic labs. 

This alliance revolutionizes how providers obtain prior authorizations from payers, unlocking patient data securely, and cost-effectively, with advanced instant automation capabilities. By simplifying administrative processes and amplifying the Collective Healthcare Intelligence™ captured in patient, provider and payer encounters, Myndshft and Shadowbox help healthcare organizations create more seamless, data-driven care pathways for patients.

“Myndshft is committed to eliminating the administrative burden of prior authorizations and enhancing patient care through innovative solutions,” said Ron Wince, founder and CEO of Myndshft.  “Our partnership with Shadowbox reflects our ongoing commitment to this mission. By leveraging its instant automation platform to facilitate fast implementation of automated prior authorization, we offer healthcare providers a comprehensive solution that streamlines their operations, reduces costs, and, most importantly, allows them to focus more on their patients.”

Oftentimes, prior authorization is obtained or denied AFTER the services have been provided to the patient, creating collection challenges for the provider along with financial hardship for the patient. The collaboration of Myndshft and Shadowbox accelerates the authorization process at the time of order, so patients receive care faster, and providers receive payment for their services. Clinician providers experience an integrated, efficient workflow, freeing up valuable time and resources, which ultimately translates into improved patient care and outcomes.

“We regularly hear from customers that obtaining prior authorization for healthcare services poses on-going challenges due to complex and often conflicting requests from payers. This challenge is compounded by the inability for traditional integration solutions to access the complete clinical data required to demonstrate medical necessity,” said Gregory A. Stein, CEO of Shadowbox. “Combining Shadowbox with Myndshft represents a paradigm shift by initiating the prior authorization workflow at the time of order so submission occurs prior to services being rendered. The result benefits providers, payers, and most importantly patients.”

Myndshft and Shadowbox look forward to working closely to continue optimizing their solutions, adapting to the evolving needs of healthcare providers, and setting new standards in healthcare technology.

About Myndshft

Myndshft’s software-as-a-service automates and simplifies time-consuming healthcare patient access tasks associated with Prior Authorization, eligibility and benefits verification, and patient financial responsibility, freeing providers and payers to concentrate more fully on patient care. Myndshft works with leading providers, payers, and health information exchanges.

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About Shadowbox

Shadowbox is a ground-breaking, patented integration and automation platform built for healthcare, offering instant automation across the healthcare ecosystem by powering a browser with security, AI, and user-driven cross-application connections. 

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Shadowbox is a smart, secure, HIPAA-compliant automation platform built for healthcare. We tackle interoperability and compliance by turning your browser into an “infinite API.”

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