No More Faxing: Embracing Innovation and Automation to Improve Lab Efficiency

November 5, 2023  |  Shadowbox   | 


In this webinar, presented by Today’s Clinical Lab Automation & Informatics Digital Forum, Shadowbox Founder & CEO Gregory A. Stein and TrueMedIT Co-Founder & CEO Bryan Shnider explore the transformative impact of automating laboratory operations. 

During the session, we discuss how workflow automation achieves the following goals: 

  • Enhances accuracy, compliance, and operational efficiency.
  •  Eliminates errors, ensures precision and compliance with clinical standards, streamlines physician orders, and optimizes insurance claim submission.
  •  Drives higher profit margins, improves competitive position, and provides accurate clinical data for better patient care.

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Are you ready to ditch your fax machine and get automated? Connect with Shadowbox today! Connect with Shadowbox today!

Shadowbox is a smart, secure, HIPAA-compliant automation platform built for healthcare. We tackle interoperability and compliance by turning your browser into an “infinite API.”

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