Uncovering the True Cost of Paper Forms

September 5, 2023  |  Shadowbox   | 


In this G2 Intelligence presented webinar, Shadowbox Founder and CEO Gregory A. Stein and HealthRecon Connect CCO Rick Chitty analyzed the true cost of using manual requisition forms for laboratory testing, highlighting the financial and medical risks involved. They provided an overview of the challenges of using paper-based processes.

During the session, we discussed the following:

  • How forgoing automation to save money may be costing labs considerably more than they realize, with a breakdown of the hidden costs associated with paper processes
  • Ongoing regulatory mandates compounding the costs of paper-based systems and further driving the need to convert to electronic processing
  • Opportunities labs can take to cost-effectively use technology to move clinics off paper to drive compliance, quality, and economic value for their laboratory

Watch our webinar recording here >

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