Shadowbox partners with to add functionality to its healthcare automation platform

February 7, 2023  |  Shadowbox   | 

Shadowbox x Datuum ai.

Shadowbox has partnered with to enhance their Electronic Health Record (EHR) interface automation with a robust, fast-mapping technology powered by’s artificial intelligence (AI), data integration platform.   Shadowbox offers fast-matching technology to securely share patient data across EHRs and Lab Information Systems (LIS’s) delivering instant automation across clinicians’ labs and other healthcare IT developers and ancillary service providers.’s mission is to make patient data more accessible by employing AI to simplify and automate data integration while Shadowbox’s mission is to make patient data easy to access, and safe to share, no matter where it resides. Together, Shadowbox and provide a new, cost-effective approach to data integration, saving time and money for healthcare providers.

“Our goal is to save up to 80% of the time and budget for all new data integration projects. Datuum provides users with ’smart‘ connectors where AI automates data mapping for the user,” says Leonid Nekhymchuk, co-founder and CEO of “The technology simplifies onboarding of new clinics. Our AI engine also monitors connectors on an ongoing basis to proactively fix broken data integrations. We are excited to announce our powerful and growing partnership with Shadowbox.”

“The platform is a game changer for Shadowbox, saving us significant time and money on data integration which differentiates us from the competition and the status quo. We are excited to partner with and expect great results in the months and years ahead!”  comments Gregory A. Stein, Shadowbox CEO and founder.

About Shadowbox Inc.
Shadowbox is a ground-breaking, patented integration and automation platform built for healthcare. Offering instant integration and automation across the healthcare ecosystem by powering a browser with security, AI, and user-driven cross-application connections.

About is the thought leader in automated data integration and management – helping its clients create scalability while saving human time and resources. It is an AI-driven no-code data management platform that helps organizations extract, ingest, transform, migrate data, and create a single source of truth. is an American startup with a Ukrainian team behind it. Its founders are united by 20+ years of experience in data management. Those years of combined experience allow us to build a well-thought-out product for data integration. Learn more about the technology and us at

Shadowbox is a smart, secure, HIPAA-compliant automation platform built for healthcare. We tackle interoperability and compliance by turning your browser into an “infinite API.”

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