Four Reasons Your Imaging Center is Losing Patients and Money 

Four reasons your imaging center is losing patients and money

Healthcare providers estimate losing up to 20% of revenue due to “referral leakage.”  While it may sound like a medical term, referral leakage occurs when patients are referred to a specialist but do not follow through with an appointment. Most troubling, when a referral is sent via fax or paper, it is only 54% likely to be scheduled.  

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The True Cost of Traditional Lab-EHR Integrations

Automation and real-time data exchange are critical tools to advance quality care and reduce cost in healthcare. That said, more than 50% of diagnostic labs still operate using paper forms. The true cost of those paper forms is at least $30 per order. 

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Healthcare Has Outgrown the EHR

Accelerated by a worldwide pandemic and a tectonic shift toward telehealth and at-home care, the future of healthcare will demand the connection of multiple data sources to provide full visibility to a patient’s medical history. 

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