Shadowbox technology facilitated orders of Myriad Genetics prostate germline diagnostic, increasing pilot location volume by more than 800%  

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SAN DIEGO, MAY 17, 2022 /PRNEWSWIRE/ —  Shadowbox, a leading innovator in healthcare automation solutions, is excited to announce the results of a case study with leading genetic testing company, Myriad Genetics, that not only eliminated cumbersome manual work but also increased medically appropriate prostate germline diagnostic test orders at pilot locations by more than 800%. Greg Stein, CEO of Shadowbox, presented the results of the case study performed in conjunction with Myriad Genetics at the Executive War College conference on April 28, 2022, attended by 1,000+ executives from the diagnostic laboratory and supporting industry.

Co-presented with Sam Sgambati, National Director of Sales, Urology of Myriad Genetics, the presentation showcased how  Myriad Genetics implemented Shadowbox’s cutting-edge healthcare integration and automation platform technology to advance their interoperability efforts and eliminate manual processes. “Shadowbox technology enabled Myriad to pursue our growth strategy more efficiently, resulting in a significant increase in volume with high customer satisfaction for the Prolaris® prostate cancer test,” said Sam.

“We are thrilled to partner with Myriad Genetics to enhance interoperability, automate genetic test orders, and ensure complete information for billing and claims,” said Gregory A. Stein, Shadowbox CEO and co-founder.  “With Shadowbox, Myriad increased prostate germline test ordering through their pilot physician offices by more than 800%. We have also expanded our product offering to meet the needs of Myriad and their customers, with new value-added functionality that improves ordering capabilities and provides critical referring physician information.”


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Myriad Genetics is a leading genetic testing and precision medicine company dedicated to advancing health and well-being for all. Myriad develops and commercializes genetic tests that help assess the risk of developing disease or disease progression and guide treatment decisions across medical specialties where genetic insights can significantly improve patient care and lower healthcare costs. For more information, visit

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